About Lentz Services

Lentz Services transforms interiors with the same expertise and professionalism you’ve come to expect from Lentz Landscape Lighting. Our trained technicians specialize in making your life simpler, safer, more efficient and less stressful. Whether your home needs a simple ceiling fan installation or a brand new HVAC system, we are here as your whole-home resource.


painting_-150x150Lentz Services evolved from Lentz Landscape Lighting in 1990. At that time, we began to do for the inside of homes what we were already doing for the outside; making them look and function at their best. In the last 27 years, we’ve done that and more, by employing electricians and technicians who are among the most capable in the metroplex. Along with their expertise and professionalism, they bring vision, inspiration, and a deep desire to keep learning about the industry, especially as it pertains to the environment and technology.

Our Team

Richard Lentz
Principal of The Lentz Cos., Inc.

Founder and CEO Richard Lentz started his company after ten years employed by Frymire Engineering where he went to work immediately after graduating from Austin College in Sherman, TX. He started Lentz Landscape Lighting over 30 years ago followed by Lentz Services a few years later. Richard enjoys coming up with creative solutions whether the issue is inside or outside the home in regards to electrical services. Lentz has also written a popular children’s book inspired by his pet dachshund called Life’s Little Lessons By Roo, More Than Just a Dachshund.

Stevie McCown
HVAC Manager

Stevie McCown, a graduate of ATI in the fall 1977, has been in the HVAC business for 38 years, servicing both residential and commercial properties. He has served as a residential HVAC service manager for the last 26 years (formerly with Frymire Services). His expertise is in solving operational problems with HVAC equipment; learned from his countless hours of training from numerous manufacturers of HVAC equipment.

Paul Lentz
Service Manager

Paul Lentz has been with Lentz Services for over 26 years and has been involved with all aspects of electrical, lighting (indoor and outdoor); HVAC and automatic generators during his tenure as service manager. Paul enjoys problem-solving with the technicians and getting customers’ needs fulfilled.

Green Commitment

img-greenCommitment-150x150Today, there is much emphasis on going green. More than ever, homeowners are feeling the pressure, both in their pocketbooks and in the national concern for energy resources. In addition, there are many incentives to be more energy conscious.

One incentive is provided by Oncor Electric. Because Lentz Services is an Oncor certified provider, you may be eligible for rebates if you upgrade your existing lighting system to LEDs. Replacing outdated appliances, air conditioners, and HVAC systems with high-efficiency units has its own rewards as well, through a lower energy bill. Best of all, these changes are not only good for you, they can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your home, which is good for all of us. If you are in the market for energy efficient solutions for your home, our trained technicians can help you make the right choices.

Additionally, Lentz Services is compliant with a federal mandate to phase out R22 refrigerant for air conditioning units and replace it with R410A. As more environmentally friendly technology and methods are developed, you can be confident we will be there to do the right thing for both you and the planet.